Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s granddaughter visited Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital and unveiled a bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen

On November 4th, the 180th birthday of SYSH, an unveiling ceremony for Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s bronze statue was held in front of the newly opened Yat-sen Building in the south campus of SYSH. Dr. Sun Suifang (Granddaughter of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and Chairman of Sun Yat-sen Foundation for Peaceful Education), Mr. He Fuxiang(Vice President of American International Education Foundation and President of Guangzhou Association in Hawaii), and Mr.Zhu Jinzan (Secretary-General of Sun Yat-sen Foundation for Peaceful Education) visited the hospital and attended the ceremony.

Prof. Shen Huiyong (SYSH President), Ms Zhao Wanwen (Vice Secretary of Communist Party Committee, SYSH), and Prof. Liu Chao (Deputy Director of Bureau of Affiliated Hospitals Administration, Sun Yat-sen University) greeted the guests. The ceremony was chaired by Ms Zhao Wanwen.

During the ceremony, Prof. Shen Huiyong extended a sincere gratitude to all the attendees, especially Dr. Sun Suifang, the donor of the bronze statue. He said that Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, who studied medicine in this hospital, was a great revolutionary forerunner and national hero in China. To memorize his great spirit, the hospital used the name “Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hopital”. Today’s ceremony not only aimed to promote philanthropy but also affirmed the achievements made by SYSH for the past 180 years. To live up to the great heritage of “Benevolence”, Prof. Shen called on all hospital employees to put people’s health first and to contribute to the development of medicine, the society and the whole country.

The statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen was later unveiled by Dr.Sun Suifang, Mr.Zhu Jinzan, Prof. Shen Huiyong, Prof. Liu Chao and Prof. Chen Yajin. A flower bouquet was then presented in honor of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Shen and Dr. Sun exchanged souvenirs and expressed best regards to each other.




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