Zhang Shaoling

2012-11-25 23:00
M.D. & Ph.D.
Professor of Endocrinology
Doctoral Supervisor
Endocrinology Department

Clinical Focus
Prof. Zhang Shaoling has been working at the clinical frontline for more than 20 years. She is especially good at the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, thyroid diseases, secondary hypertension and adrenal gland disorders.


Research Interests
Prof. Zhang Shaoling works to improve the protection of ovarian function. She has also carried on the study of endometrial receptivity and non-invasive assessment of embryo viability.


Academic Achievements
Prof. Zhang Shaoling has published more than 50 pieces of research papers with 10 of them as SCI papers. She has also led and participated more than 10 research projects of national and provincial level. Her studies on diabetes have won the first prize of the 2000 Guangdong Medical Science and Technology award of Progress and the third prize of the 2000 Guangdong Scientific and Technological Progress Award.


1990,  Bachelor’s Degree,  Sun Yat- Sen University of Medical Sciences
1996,  Master’s Degree,  Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences
2004,  Doctoral Degree,  Hôpital Neker
2006,  Prof. Zhang Shaoling furthered her studies on diabetes at the Medical Research Center at Kobe University in Japan


Social Responsibility
Committee Member of Endocrinology Studies, Guangdong Medical Association
Committee Expert of Guangzhou Science Expert Commission for Population and Family Planning
Member of Adrenal Gland Study Group, Endocrinology Affiliate, Chinese Medical Association


Representative Publications

1. Zhang SL, Cheng H, Fu ZZ, et al. Contribution of the absence of aspartic acid at position 57 of the HLA-DQβ chain to predisposition to insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in a Southern Chinese population. Chin Med J 1998;111:694-697.

2. Zhang Shaoling, Penfornis A. Tiberghien P., et al. TAP2/651 gene polymorphism in DR4 positive Type 1 Diabetes in Eastern French population. Abstract/Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. 56 suppl 1(2002)S1-S282:s88.

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17. ZHANG Shao-ling, CHEN Zong-cun, YAN Li, CHEN Li-hong, CHENG Hua and JI Li-nong. Determinants for inadequate glycaemic control in Chinese patients with light-to-moderate type 2 diabetes on oral antidiabetic drugs alone. Chin Med J 2011;124(16):2461-2468

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21. Yin G, Zhang S, Yan L, et al. Effect of age on aldosterone/renin ratio (ARR) and comparison of screening accuracy of ARR plus elevated serum aldosterone concentration for primary aldosteronism screening in different age groups. Endocrine, 2012, [Epub ahead of print] (Corresponding Author)



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